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Health Coaching

Why health coaching?

The It's Your Life health coaching model is a proactive approach to managing health by bringing the expertise and support of a health professional directly to your workforce. Health coaching can take place on-site, by telephone or can be web-based. It’s the personalized one-on-one approach that makes the difference. The individualized program drives commitment, accountability, and results!

"I am thrilled to have a coach! I don't see a doctor very often and it really helps to have someone to talk to about health issues. My coach is very approachable, helpful and encouraging! I love this program! Thank you!"

"It helps me to keep on when I'm accountable to someone. It is fun talking everything over with my health coach as he seems to really enjoy wanting to help me, and appears to be genuinely interested in my well being. He has been very informative and helpful."

How does health coaching work?

  • Our health education specialists actively engage all employees who participate in the It's Your Life program, not just the ones at higher risk.
  • After It’s Your Life participants access their personal health profiles, they will meet one-on-one with their health coach to review the findings.
  • The experienced staff of It's Your Life utilize motivational interviewing techniques to help each participant develop a Personal Wellness Plan that sets personal health goals and identifies strategies to help reach those goals.
  • Health coaches provide support and direction throughout the year, make referrals to other health professionals as needed and provide targeted educational resources. 

It's Your Life health coaching goals are to:

  • Help keep healthy individuals on track to remain healthy
  • Intervene at early stages to help reduce or eliminate identified risks
  • Encourage participants to work with their healthcare team to manage on-going health conditions