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It’s Your Life offers wellness presentations through the convenience of a webinar. These engaging webinars are available either on-demand or can be viewed live.

Contact It’s Your Life at or (517) 205-7495 to learn more about providing this wellness opportunity to your organization.

Be Tobacco Free

Provides an overview of the quitting process. Learn why it can be challenging but possible to stop using tobacco. Each person is different but you can learn how to begin your own quitting journey. Topics addressed include: medications to help you quit, how to set up a quit plan, alternates to smoking, and cognitive change. 

Blood Pressure

Provides an overview of what blood pressure is and what an individual can do to help keep it in a healthy range. Even those with a healthy blood pressure can benefit from this session.

Exercise & Physical Activity: Moving Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

Designed to provide an overview of the current guidelines on becoming and maintaining physical fitness. The five main components of physical fitness are covered, as well as an overview on the difficulties of an inactive lifestyle on health status. 

Creating a Heart Healthy Environment

Explore components of a healthy eating plan instead of moving on to the next “diet plan”. Participants will learn how to balance food choices to maintain a healthy weight. 

DASH Eating Plan

Provides a better understanding of the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan. Studies have shown that following this eating plan can lower an individual’s blood pressure within in two weeks.


Whether you just found out you have diabetes or have been living with it for years, this presentation will provide self-management tips to help you stay in control.  

Heart Health: Know Your Numbers

Provides an overview of heart disease and what individuals can do to help reduce their risk of developing it. Risk factors for heart disease will be covered with an emphasis on those that can be controlled.

Making Healthier Choices When Eating Out

Designed to help make better choices when eating away from home. Learn healthier solutions to many of the unhealthy traps we fall into when eating out. 

Making Sense of Food Labels

Explore the basic components of a food label and become familiar interpreting values on the nutrition facts panel. You’ll know what to look for on your next trip to the grocery store.


Been diagnosed with pre diabetes, now what? A look at what it means, how it can be prevented & how it can be stopped from progressing into Type II diabetes.

Portion Distortion

Participants will learn the difference between serving size and portion size and strategies to right-size portions. Includes helpful tips to control portions when eating both at home and away from home

Relaxation Techniques

An introduction to relaxation techniques including distraction, progressive muscle relaxation, & guided imagery.

Stress Management

Chronic stress can take a toll on our careers, on our quality of life and on our bodies, making us susceptible to a host of illnesses. This presentation examines the ways we are impacted and strategies for reducing those consequences.

Surviving Shift Work

Defines the challenge of working outside the hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and provides ideas of how to adapt to performing “shift” work.

The Skinny on Fats

Provides an overview of the various types of dietary fats.  Learn food sources of healthy fats and tips to reduce unhealthy fats in your diet.