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Melinda Williams

After having her daughter, Melinda Williams realized her weight was keeping her from being the parent she’d always wanted to be. “I didn’t want to be the mom who sits there watching from the sidelines. I wanted to run and play with her.” Melinda decided if she wanted to raise a healthy daughter, she had to set a positive example. 

To do that, Melinda took the concept of small steps to heart and set small, manageable weight loss goals for herself. “Since I had so much weight to lose in the beginning, I set mini-goals for myself. By concentrating on only losing ten pounds at a time, it was a lot easier for me to remain focused.” Melinda used an activity/ food journal and a myfitnesspal app on her phone to track her progress.

Of course, she’s proud of her 50 pound weight loss, but Melinda says, “My biggest success is enjoying time outside with my daughter. It feels so good to run and play with her and not have to take breaks to catch my breath.”

To parents who want to follow Melinda’s example, she says, “Make small changes at first because small changes are easier to stick with. Keep at it. It’s totally worth it!”