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Marilynn Fryer

After caring for her mother who had heart disease, Marilynn Fryer was reminded of the importance of taking care of her own health. Marilynn was ready to take small steps toward improving her well-being.

Marilynn’s first step was to join Weight Watchers for support to reach a healthier weight. Next, Marilynn wanted to jumpstart her physical activity. To keep her routine interesting and to ensure a strong overall workout, Marilynn combined running, swimming, biking and a variety of aerobics classes like Zumba, cardio kickboxing and step aerobics.

“I have never been much of an athlete,” Marilynn said, “but now I find myself entering 5K runs, and I’ve run two half-marathons. Granted, I’m not fast, but I enjoy the fitness aspect and the camaraderie.”

Marilynn was smart and started running gradually. “At first I could make it only one time around a regular quarter-mile track, with my heart jumping out of my chest; but I kept at it. With regular training, I was able to build steadily. It’s a process.”

How about you? Do you have a process? Think about your small steps toward success for spring.