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Erica Woodburn

Inspiration comes from many different things, but for two-year It’s Your Life participant Erica Woodburn, it came from her younger brother. Erica was inspired to start living healthier because her dad has brain cancer and then her younger brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer. This hit her even more emotionally. Erica says “It’s different when it’s your little brother.”

Erica lost 40 pounds the first year in IYL and has since maintained it with continued weight training and running. She has also changed her diet and uses the My Fitness Pal app to help keep her on track.

She says that if you are trying to lose weight follow these small steps: “Always keep trying, even if you don’t see results right away. Set reachable short-term goals. Don’t beat yourself up when you eat the foods you know you shouldn’t (especially around the holidays). No matter what, always find a way to get focused again.”

Erica never used to run, but reached her goal of ten 5K and 5-mile races and a Tough Mudder event this year. She was accompanied by her husband and siblings. Erica is now training to obtain a Spartan Trifecta.

Isn’t that inspiring? So, what will your next small step be?