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Cathy Setsuda

After moving to Michigan, Cathy’s new Henry Ford Allegiance primary physician recommended a lung CT scan.  Two CT scans, one MRI and a biopsy of her thyroid later, Cathy decided it was time for a change.  Although her tests were negative she feared the worst and decided she was going to quit smoking.   “I’ve been gambling with the risks associated with smoking long enough”.  Cathy took advantage of free Tobacco Treatment Services at HFAH.  She participated in counseling which helped her create a plan to quit and the choice to use a nicotine lozenge for physical cravings.  Now with 2 ½ years tobacco free, Cathy is able to give to others as a volunteer at HFAH.  She notes that learning that cigarettes contain 7000 chemicals and being able to contact her counselor even for 5 minutes in between appointments was helpful.  This support, along with new focused breathing and meditating skills helped her to achieve her smoke-free goal.  Her words of encouragement to other are:   “why are you too busy to get healthy…think about the good things that will come out of quitting (smoking)”.