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Carol Burnham

Oftentimes the toughest step to take is the first one. Having others come alongside you can help make it a easier to get the momentum going.

When clerical associate Carol Burnham wanted to get to a healthier weight, she reached out to her coworkers for support. “One of my team mates, Lynn Lovelace, was kind enough to start a 12-week challenge,” Carol said. “She encouraged us to stay on track by having a weekly weigh in with a blood pressure check.”

For Carol, the advantage of participating in a challenge with ten people versus attempting a solo effort was the built-in accountability. “Knowing I would be weighed in front of someone made a difference. I do better that way.”

And do better, she did. Carol won the weight loss challenge! But for Carol, the win was about more than losing weight. “It makes you feel so much better, not just on the outside, but on the inside too. You feel so much better about yourself.”

Receiving accountability, motivation and encouragement from others was just what Carol needed to take her first small step. “I’m ready for the next challenge, so bring it on!”

Who will you invite to take a small step with you this year?