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Angie Puckett

Angie got serious about taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle when she went for her yearly physical in 2016 and her doctor told her “if I don’t want to end up dead like my mom at 50 I better make some serious changes”. She set an original goal to quit smoking by July 1st 2016 and lose a total of 67#. Despite how difficult it can be to work on these goals simultaneously, she actually exceeded her goal by quitting smoking for good on March 28th 2016 and she has a lost 53# so far. Asthma medication that she had been taking for years has been discontinued and her cholesterol and blood glucose normalized. Chantix helped her quit smoking, a habit she had for 35 years and at times smoked up to 2 packs a day. To help her with weight loss, she credits counting calories, not eating after 7p at night, and increasing her physical activity, “I go to the gym daily and I play the original biggest loser game for the Wii”. “I feel younger, I’m happier and more self-confident”, Angie says. Her advice to others is “Set your goal and stay with it. Chantix helped me quit smoking within a week. I keep track of everything I put into my mouth so I can hold myself accountable. Surround yourself with positive people who can be your rock on a weak day. Always keep your head up and know YOU CAN DO THIS...”