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Small Steps Success Stories

Read inspiring stories of It's Your Life members and discover what is possible when you apply yourself to transformation!

Cathy Setsuda

After moving to Michigan, Cathy’s new Henry Ford Allegiance primary physician recommended a lung CT scan.  Two CT scans, one MRI and a biopsy of her thyroid later, Cathy decided it was time for a change.  Although her tests were negative she feared the worst and decided she was going to quit... Read the full story

Angie Puckett

Angie got serious about taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle when she went for her yearly physical in 2016 and her doctor told her “if I don’t want to end up dead like my mom at 50 I better make some serious changes”. She set an original goal to quit smoking by July 1st 2016 and lose a total... Read the full story

Eric Herrington

Eric Herrington was tired of setting the same New Year’s resolution each year. Eric tried sensible diets, fad diets, and sometimes went to extremes in his quest to achieve a healthy weight, but he always seemed to always come up short.  That all changed when a co-worker asked him if he wanted to go... Read the full story

Ryan Reinhart

Ryan Reinhart has always played soccer.  Over the seasons, he’s always been able to find someone with whom he could play. This year, however, Ryan found himself entirely without a team, leading him to think he might have to forgo soccer for the first time in years. Read the full story

Marilynn Fryer

After caring for her mother who had heart disease, Marilynn Fryer was reminded of the importance of taking care of her own health. Marilynn was ready to take small steps toward improving her well-being. Read the full story

Erica Woodburn

Erica was inspired to start living healthier because her dad has brain cancer and then her younger brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer. This hit her even more emotionally. Erica says “It’s different when it’s your little brother.” Read the full story

Carol Burnham

When clerical associate Carol Burnham wanted to get to a healthier weight, she reached out to her coworkers for support. “One of my team mates was kind enough to start a 12-week challenge. She encouraged us to stay on track by having a weekly weigh in with a blood pressure check.” Read the full story

Melinda Williams

After having her daughter, Melinda Williams realized her weight was keeping her from being the parent she’d always wanted to be. “I didn’t want to be the mom who sits there watching from the sidelines." Read the full story