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2021 It's Your Life program

Welcome!  We’re looking forward to a great year with the 2021 It’s Your Life program. Click here to see a video with more details about the program. 

How do I get enrolled?

Step 1: Complete the It's Your Life Enrollment form and WebMD Health Assessment by March 19, 2021
  • Read and submit your online enrollment form
  • Once submitted you will be directed to take your WebMD Health Assessment

Click here to begin

Step 2: Complete your health screen

Option 1: Onsite health screen at Orbitform on 4/6, 4/7, 4/8 or 4/13. Kim will schedule your appointment. You must fast for 12 hours prior (nothing but water) and wear a mask during your screen. 

Option 2: If you are interested in coaching and have biometrics already completed with your physician in the past year, you can return the Physician Results Form to the It's Your Life office by April 16, 2021.


What happens next?

Participate in 2 Health Coaching Sessions (optional but encouraged), the first starting toward the end of April 2021

Questions? Contact:

 It's Your Life Health Coach Ellen Gillespie at (517) 740-3956 or