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Eric Herrington


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Eric Herrington was tired of setting the same New Year’s resolution each year. Eric tried sensible diets, fad diets, and sometimes went to extremes in his quest to achieve a healthy weight, but he always seemed to always come up short.  That all changed when a co-worker asked him if he wanted to go on a cruise in January of 2016.  Now Eric had a target and some serious motivation.  So he started to make changes.  He decided to stop relying on fast food for his lunch and opted to start packing his own.  A calorie tracking app on his phone helped him keep accountable.  Plus, he aimed to exercise for 150 minutes per week.  And he did this while maintaining a full load in nursing school! These changes quickly started to make a difference.  Today Eric weighs about 10 pounds less than he did in middle school and is working towards his ultimate goal of 185 - and he's ready to set sail on that cruise in January!