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2019 Health Management Program

Welcome MACI Associates and Spouses!

All MACI associates and spouses participating in the It's Your Life (IYL) wellness program must complete enrollment, including a health screen and online WebMD Health Assessment for  the 2019 program.

Step 1: Complete Your Health Screen

You have two options:

Attend an onsite screening scheduled between October 15th and November 15th.

Click here to schedule your appointment


Have your screening done at your physician's office and return a Physician's Results Form to It’s Your Life by fax or place it in the drop box at MACI’s Corporate Services. We will accept blood work, blood pressure, weight and height values from January 1st through November 30th 2018. The deadline to return this form is November 30th, 2018.


Step 2:  Complete Your IYL Enrollment Form and WebMD Online Health Assessment

Please read the following directions then click on the link below to begin.

Step 1: Read and submit your online enrollment form

Step 2:  Complete your WebMD Health Assessment

Click Here to Begin


Step 3:  Health Coaching 

First coaching session: Late January through March

Second coaching session: Late April through June

Third coaching session: Late August through September

Please note: All MACI Non-Exempt associates will be automatically scheduled. Check with your Team Leader for your appointment time.

All spouses, MACI Exempt, Office Non-Exempt associates: Associates need to schedule an in-person session with their coach. Phone coaching is available for returning spouses only. Spouses new to the program should schedule a face-to-face appointment with your health coach. 


Step 4:  Health Education

Participate in one of the many health education opportunities


Step 5: Preventive Health Services

Complete age and gender appropriate preventive health services. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your health coach.

For associates and spouses your health coach is:

Blue Shift 

Green & Red Shift  


Care Management 2019

All MACI associates and spouses identified for Care Management (CM) will receive a letter that confirms their selection for CM and explains the program requirements. 

  • Each Care Management participant needs to schedule an appointment through the online scheduler. 
  • Click here to schedule your appointment.
    • Be sure to select the correct appointment based on your Care Management status:
      • If you are new to CM select an Initial appointment, paying special attention to whether you need an initial appointment in person (at MACI) or a phone appointment.
      • If you are currently in CM select a Follow Up appointment, paying special attention to whether you need a follow up appointment in person (at MACI) or a phone appointment.
  • If you need assistance with scheduling, please contact Robin Smith in Corporate Services or Kristin Maxson at the contact information below.

If you have any questions regarding Care Management, please feel free to contact Kristin Maxson at: or  (517) 262-6475.


Physician Results Form


If you have any questions, please contact:

Robin Smith (517) 796-3202

Sarah Chapel (517) 205-4869

Ellen Gillespie (517) 205-6914

Mike Lackman (517) 205-4798