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2019 Reward Your Health Program

Welcome to the 2019 Reward Your Health program!  Follow the steps below to complete your program and to achieve compliance.  Remember it's best to start early.  We recommend you complete your Health Assessment and health screen during the first quarter of 2019.  This gives you the most time to set and reach your goals. 

Reward Your Health has 5 steps.  To maintain compliance, participants must complete ALL 5 steps by July 31, 2019.

Log on to to access iStrive and check the status of your program.  (More detailed log-in instructions can be found below.)

Step 1 - Know Your Numbers

  • If you have a check mark for Step 1 you do not need to sign up for coaching.  
  • If you do not have a check mark for Step 1 but it says "In Progress" you must take action.
    • Click In Progress to view your numbers:
      • If you can see all of your numbers inside Step 1, (BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol or ldl and glucose or Hemoglobin A1c) you can proceed to Steps 2-5.
      • If you can't see all of your numbers, meaning one or more is missing inside Step 1 (BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol or ldl and glucose or Hemoglobin A1c) you will need to visit your provider to complete this step. 
  • If one or more of your values is out of range you must complete a health coaching session in order to get a check mark for Step 1.
  • If you have questions about completing Step 1 please call IYL at 205-7495.
  • If your Primary Care provider does NOT participate with Jackson Health Network, you MUST to use a Physician Results Form to submit your numbers.  The form is only available inside iStrive.  Instructions for using this form can be found here.

Step 2 - Take your health assessment (HA)

Step 3 - Be tobacco-free

  • If you are a tobacco user you must complete at least one, 30-minute coaching sessions with our Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Carol Zawacki.  Tobacco-specific coaching sessions are individualized.  You and Carol will discuss how you will meet your Step 3 requirement.
  • To schedule your session with Carol, click here and make sure you're in the "Tobacco" tab.

Step 4 - Wellness activity

  • If your Step 1 numbers are in range you will meet your Step 4 requirement by clicking on "more" next to "Are your numbers in range?"  There are a number of activities to choose from inside this step.
  • If your Step 1 numbers are out of range you must complete health coaching.  Click here to sign up for coaching.
    • Completing Step 4 will result in check marks for Steps 1 and 4.
  • Those who qualify for Care Management (CM) will receive an email with next steps.
    • If you have questions about Care Management please call IYL at 205-7495.
    • Compliance with CM will result in check marks for Step 1, 3 (if needed) and 4. 

Step 5 - Preventive screenings

To complete step 5, read the message and click "I Did This".  By doing this, you promise to complete the services you need this year and/or you acknowledge already doing them.  ‚ÄčYou do not need to wait until you see your provider to complete this step.

The Reward Your Health Program deadline is July 31, 2019.  Participants must complete ALL 5 steps in order to achieve compliance.  Those who are not compliant will pay more in health plan premiums in 2020.

Logging in to iStrive

Follow these steps to get logged in iStrive:

1. Go to Enter your HAP member ID number (found on your insurance card) and password, then click on Log In.

2. If you’re not registered, click on Register Now and follow the prompts to complete your registration. Once you’ve registered, return to to enter your member ID number and password.

3. Once logged in, click on Reward Your Health under Quick Links. This page gives you access to all Reward Your Health requirements. You need to complete all five steps.

Refer to these slides for step by step instructions

Click here to read the HAP 2019 Reward Your Health booklet.

New Staff Members

If you are hired between 1/1/2019 and 3/31/2019, you (and your spouse if applicable) must complete the 2019 Reward Your Health program in full  (i.e. all 5 steps mentioned above) to remain eligible for the premium discount in 2020.  Please call the IYL office at 517-205-7495 if you have questions.

Links and Resources

Click here to read more about blood pressure and cholesterol.

It's Your Life health coaches:

Keila Kilgore 205-7423
Leslie Downs 205-7424
Julie Bloomfield 205-7426
Sarah Chapel 205-4869
Ellen Gillespie 205-6914
Carol Zawacki 205-7444
Mike Lackman 205-4798

For information regarding the health plan and access to the iStrive for Better Health portal, log on to  To contact HAP customer service, call 1(800) 422-4641.

Non-HAP member log in page:  Click here

Physician Results Form for non-HAP members

*If you are unable to participate in any of the above activities you may ask your doctor so sign an attestation form that you're under care for your condition.  To get the form, log in to iStrive and click on Rewards.  Go to Step 4 and click on Start Now and then I have a chronic condition.  Fax the completed form to HAP at (313) 664-5010.