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Health Management Program

Welcome! We are looking forward to a great year with the It's Your Life program.

It’s Your Life will conduct onsite health screenings on Tuesday, September 11th and Thursday, September 13th. You do not need to attend an onsite health screening if a Physician Health Screen Form is submitted by September 1st.

Complete Your Health Screening

You have two options:

  1. Attend the onsite screening scheduled for September 11th and 13th
  2. Have your screening done at your physician's office and return a Physician's Health Screen Form

Complete the Online Health Assessment 

Please read the following directions then click on the link below to begin.

Step 1: Read and submit your online enrollment form

Step 2:  Complete your WebMD Health Assessment

Click Here to Begin




If you have any questions regarding your participation in the It’s Your Life Program, please contact Sarah Chapel at (517) 205-4869 or or call the It's Your Life office at (517) 205-7495.