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About Us


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It's Your Life Health Management Program

Dedicated to improving the health and well-being of individuals and organizations

Since 2002, employers have been using It's Your Life to help create and sustain a healthy and vital workforce. The success of It's Your Life is a result of the personal coaching model used, which engages and empowers participants to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our Mission

It's Your Life is part of the long-term solution to help improve the health of an individual, an organization and a community.

Our Beliefs

Our programs are based on the philosophy that individuals are self-leaders in their own health and benefit from a supportive culture to help develop and sustain good health practices. We offer a personalized approach to engage participants in their level of readiness.

Meet our Staff

The It’s Your Life Health Management Program has a team of dedicated health professionals committed to improving the health of individuals and organizations.