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It's Your Life is a leader in building comprehensive and personalized health management programs that make a difference. We support individuals as they find their path to health and well-being and guide organizations in building a culture of health.

Small Steps to Success

Marilynn Fryer

After caring for her mother who had heart disease, Marilynn Fryer was reminded of the importance of taking care of her own health. Marilynn was ready to take small steps toward improving her well-being. Read the full story

Erica Woodburn

Erica was inspired to start living healthier because her dad has brain cancer and then her younger brother was diagnosed with testicular cancer. This hit her even more emotionally. Erica says “It’s different when it’s your little brother.” Read the full story

Step by Step blog

Whose Health Goals Are You Working Towards?

Sometimes we adhere to social norms or peer pressure when reaching for the higher health standard. The goals your friends or even your partner want to work on may not be the goals that matter most to... Read the full blog

Fueling the Shift Worker

Optimal health requires commitment under the best of circumstances, and shift workers have additional challenges. However, it is achievable if you make your health a priority and you have a plan. Read the full blog