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It's Your Life is a leader in building comprehensive and personalized health management programs that make a difference. We support individuals as they find their path to health and well-being and guide organizations in building a culture of health.

Small Steps to Success

Ryan Reinhart

Ryan Reinhart has always played soccer.  Over the seasons, he’s always been able to find someone with whom he could play. This year, however, Ryan found himself entirely without a team, leading him to think he might have to forgo soccer for the first time in years. Read the full story

Marilynn Fryer

After caring for her mother who had heart disease, Marilynn Fryer was reminded of the importance of taking care of her own health. Marilynn was ready to take small steps toward improving her well-being. Read the full story

Step by Step blog

Holiday Kale Salad

If you're looking for a healthy and easy salad for the holidays or just for a winter family dinner, look no further than this kale salad. The honey-lemon dressing gives it a light, fresh taste, and... Read the full blog

Nurturing Your Relationships - With Yourself and Others

Sometimes we aren’t even aware of when we are being unkind to ourselves. We’ve been buying these negative thoughts and reinforcing them for so long that when we find evidence to dispute the... Read the full blog